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2018... My Year In Review

WOW! What a year 2018 has proved to be. It has all been happening, I got soaked at one of the wettest British GTs I have known at Oulton Park back in March only to get burnt by one of the hottest summers in a long time when I visited one of my favourite Automotive events, Goodwood Festival of Speed. This year also saw me photograph an event I have wanted to attend for some time now, the Goodwood Revival. Its safe to say that I love Goodwood, whether it be the activity of the hillclimb or the close races on the old circuit, there is just a special atmosphere at the events that I feel is unrivalled. This year I have taken well in advance of 10,000 photographs so I thought I would round up the year with my top 10. The year has been quite strenuous for me as I started another business, James & James Interiors, which has gone from strength to strength over the months and unfortunately, the photography had to take a bit of a back seat. The end of the year always provides some peaceful time for review and reflection, a time to look back at your achievements and celebrate them. I look back at the images I have taken this year and compare them to when I started, I smile at the majority of them because they bring back so many memories and are a vast improvement. To me photography is about those lasting memories for the people involved but more than that an image should transport you to the place and allow you to soak up the atmosphere even if you were not there I ask you to bear that in mind as you look through my top ten compilation. So without further a do here they are...

In #10... this atmospheric image was taken during a very wet Monday of the British GT at Oulton Park. Taken just as the cars came over the crest of Hill Top. I awoke on the Monday morning to the rain hitting my window, I rolled over and thought I may just stay at home. How glad I was that I decided to brave the storm and head to Oulton, I was rewarded with some fantastic images.

In #9... it may be one of my last images of 2018 but was great to see Owen Jones at the fantastic Cars & Coffee Liverpool, i simply love this pic. May even be my Christmas card for 2019. This event is one of my favourites, the people are fantastic and the cars are out of this world, it is the one constant that I look forward to month in month out and am truly upset when I am unable to attend.

In #8... taking me back to the gloriously sunny days of the summer and one of my favourite places, Goodwood Festival of Speed. I cannot wait to get back to Goodwood next year. The car had just completed its run up the hillclimb and was heading back to it's paddock. I had next to no time to get this shot and was being ushered out of the way by the marshall. I am glad that I sat in the middle of the road and was able to get this shot.

In #7... Nick Mason's Ferrari 250 GTO at Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier in the year. I had wanted to see this car for some time and nearly missed it. I was walking in the same direction and heard the commotion behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and there it was... I dropped to the floor swung my camera from off my shoulder and managed to capture it at just the right time.

In #6... Elfyn Evans takes on the Dayinsure Donut on the final stages of the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB. I knew that when the roads of Llandudno had been closed that the final day of the 2018 Wales Rally GB was going to be a good one. I was surprised though at how close we got to the action on the packed streets.

In #5... another one from the British GT at Oulton Park. I just love the way that the speed and power is portrayed. All done in camera with no editing! 

In #4... may not involve a car but its true that I love to photograph the whole event including the people involved. This shot was taken at the Goodwood Revival back in September and the atmosphere is just something else. Without these people the events that we all love to attend would not be here so I feel it is important to highlight the commitment and the effort that they put in for our enjoyment.

In #3... taken back in September at the Goodwood Revival from the spectator side. i just love the light the way it falls over the bodywork. There is a class about the image that is hard to portray with the majority of modern vehicles. The classics just ooze elegance and opulence. 

In #2... Colin Turkington during the BTCC at Oulton Park. Taken as he makes his way from Clay Hill around to Druids through the woods. This wasn't and say catch by any stretch of the imagination but was definitely worth the effort.

Finally, my number 1 shot of 2018... taken at the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB, I fought through the crowds and shot around other photographers and managed to pull out this cracker. I may even go as far to say that this is my favourite shot of all time not just 2018. Sebastien Ogier and M-Sport make great headway through the water and up the hills of the Sweet Lamb Complex. This shot is available as a Limited Edition, limited to just 18.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my favourite images of 2018. There were a lot to chose from but these are the ones that really transported me back and relive the atmosphere. I hope that you felt the same way as you flicked through them. I would like to thank all of my followers, supporters and clients for their continued loyalty, for your sakes I hope the quality of the images continues to increase. 

We already have a few events booked in for 2019, we will be back at Goodwood for sure and will hopefully be taking in a few more Aviation events too. If you would like your event covered please do not hesitate to contact me.

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I hope to see you all at an event in 2019, remember I will have my head behind a camera but please just tap me on the shoulder and say hello, I always have time for a chat and a brew!

Happy New Year and heres to a prosperous 2019 for us all!