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British GT @ Oulton Park
March/April 2018

For the first time in a long time I headed out to Oulton Park in the pouring rain. The Saturday started not too bad but Monday was a completely different story. 

What a great day Saturday was as Flick Haigh became the first woman ever to claim pole position in the British GT along with her co-driver Jonny Adam.  The action came thick and fast with many close calls through Britains and Knickerbrook just before they head up to Clay Hill. The downpours throughout Monday turned the track into a swimming pool and made it an interesting morning for both the drivers and for us togs trackside. 

The lap times took little hit even with the increase in water coverage and fall, the drivers continued to push their vehicles to the limits and racing continued despite the inclement weather that was thrown at them. 

As the second race of Monday started the Safety Car was deployed. After four laps under the control of the Safety Car the race was abandoned due to the inclement weather. It is safe to that the the weather had no effect on the atmosphere or the enjoyment around the circuit. 

Although we did not get a full race event it was definitely enjoyable for all concerned.

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