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C 'n' C Liverpool

The last few days have been lovely and some of the warmest we have seen in February for a number of years. Yet on the Sunday morning I awake to the fields full of fog. Most would have looked outside and tapped themselves back up in their quilt. Thankfully, the C'n'C visitors are not the norm and the turnout was immense. It was fantastic to see so many cars and their owners as the fog goes to add to the atmosphere in the pictures.

For the majority of people I think the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ was the most loved car but there were so many amazing motors for visitors to enjoy. I have to say, and I have said this before, the Land Rover Velar has never sat comfortably with me but when I saw one sat in car park two I could not resist the picture. 

The Velar looks just at home with the mix of urban and the planting around it. I think I have to admit that this one is growing on me as a urban vehicle.

The mix of modern and classic vehicles was as varied as ever. Leslie Durrant's Ford Anglia is simply superb and is one of those vehicles that I could photograph for a much longer period of time. I first saw the new Ford Bullitt Mustang, in that superb Dark Highland Green, back at Goodwood last year but to see it again at C'n'C just reenforces how stunning the vehicle is. Probably the car I appreciated the most was Kyle's Porsche GT3. It is great to see the car back in his stable and I am sure that it will be there for a bit longer this time around, a pristine motor and a definite head turner. I love the image of Kyle leaving the event with the mist around the car.

Once again it was a fantastic event. Thanks to Norman and the team for putting it on for us. I hope that you enjoy the images and I hope to see you all at the next meet.