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C 'n' C Liverpool

Well it was safe to say that last night I though this mornings meet would have been a wash out, the clouds formed and the heavens opened. Thankfully, it was a completely different story when I awoke. The boys had text to say they were on their way and we were about to set off for the first Cars & Coffee of 2019. What amazes me with this meet is how each and every month you are constantly amazed by the number and the quality of the cars on show. Just when you think you have seen it all a new car makes an appearance, today that award goes to the bright yellow Ferrari F40, formerly owned by Rod Stewart.

It seemed so long since the last meet of 2018 just before Christmas and it was great to get back out and catch up with everyone from Norman and the team to fellow photographer Brian Lloyd

As always though the cars took centre stage and the variety was amazing, the brand new Aston Martin Supellegera, the classic Jaguar E Type but my favourite has to be the One Life Lived It Land Rover Defender Hearse. You need to check these guys out as it is a pristine vehicle.

The F40 was probably the vehicle which got the most attention today as you can see above, the meet again though was fantastic with amazing service inside for the tea and coffee as always. We also got a glimpse of the array of vehicles on offer through Noman's Pond, a new online auction for specialist cars, be sure to check them out. Let's hope that 2019 gets bigger and better with each and every meet.